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We present you some of the procedures offered in Centro Plastica. For more information, please contact us.
botox and fillers    
eyelid surgery  
face lift surgery  
nose surgery  
liposuction or liposculpture  
breast implants surgery  
breast reduction  
breast lift surfery  
abdominoplasty or tummy tuck surgery  
gluteal augmentation surgery  
calf implants  
minor procedures  
more surgery procedures
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testimoniales de pacientes
These are some testimonials of patients attended at Centro Plastica. For more information, please contact us.

I am 45 years old, I went to see Dr. Allan Ceballos because I didn’t like the appearence of my eyes, I constantly looked tired because I had very large bags under my eyes. He explained the cause of my tired look and what had to be done to correct it. I loved the consultation because I understood everything about my problem and the solution for it, I was vey happy just waiting for my surgery. Finally, the result was exactly what I expected and I feel very pleased with my decision of getting my surgery done.

Dr Allan operated my 5 year old son to correct the appearence of his ears. The change in Iñaki’s attitude is incredible. Besides, I loved the doctor’s way of treating children.

I went for Botox application with Dr. Allan Ceballos; I am 28 years old and I feel very happy with the results because my face expressions didn’t change at all but the wrinkles in my forehead are completely gone. I recommend it very much.

I am 25 years old and over a year ago, Dr Allan Ceballos operated me of breast implants. I didn’t wanted an exagerated result because I don’t like it and I do a lot of exercise; he understood perfectly what I was looking for and the result of my surgery was very natural. I am delighted and I recommend it fully.

I wish to express how grateful I am with Dr. Ceballos for his professionalism and sense of aesthetics. I went to his consultation for a nose surgery but after analyzing my case, he told me that my nose was addecuate for my face and my characteristics; I expressed what I didn’t like about my face and he recommended me other procedures with which my face changed subtlety but my whole expression improved incredibly. Thank you very much Allan.

I met Dr Ceballos when my 8 year old son fell and injured his upper lip. When I saw the way he treated my son and the results of his procedure I decided to have a liposuction done. I can just say that everything was wonderfull, I was on my ideal weight but certain areas of fat in my body just wouldn’t dissapear in spite of hours of excersise. After liposuction this areas were finnally gone and I am delighted.

I think that the one of the most important things when going to a doctor is having a good bilateral communication and understanding. I am very grateful with Dr. Ceballos for the honesty and clarity of his explanations about the surgery and the possible complications. After breast reduction surgery, one of the wounds in my breast became slightly open, fortunatelly the doctor had already warned me that this was possible. I am thankful for being constantly with me until the problem resolved and my scar was perfect. Now my life is much better.

I am 48 years old and went with Dr. Ceballos to perform a tummy tuck. After 4 pregnancies, my abdomen was very affected, with stretch marks and flaccidity. He explained me everything about the procedure and what was to be expected of the results, which were real. His ethics and professionalism are characteristic and for that, I would have any other procedure done without hesitation.

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